Chiri and Tama

wow, an update...

well my friend pirate talked me into it, or maybe it was the fact I treated him and his girl to a $80 dinner, it being him driving me and Val to Anime mid atlantic next month. Is kinda mad... their site takes forever to update >_> I just hope my friend heather gets her booth there...

and you'd figure people would post questions and such, I would but I can't login to that forum.

but at least I will see Xavier there...

at least Sims3 will be out soon.
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Chiri and Tama

reptile exibit

a month ago I went out and spent close to $200 for a nice habitat from my new leopard gecko =)

it was doing well for first 2 weeks but then this last week it is said it went intop shock would not eat and sadly it died saturday, is still sad

but my dad wanted to cheer me up and help get a new pet for me

we went to scales and tails saw a lizard on tail, about 4 inches fast and hard to handle

or 2 anoles fast cheap price and cannot be handled

I was still kinda waking up

was in store for about 7 mins

I didn't want them and I though Val, my sis, would not like one of them anyway.

so we went to petsmart, 2 min drive away. my dad got kinda mad saying he wanted to relax on his last vacation day.

I looked at reptile house for about 5 mins no one came to help

then I saw it, a bright green white's treefrog,and knew I had to have him, I got a NICE staffer and we got him, and reptile bark for his habitat, a new water dish and some large crickets

it cost about $37, my dad said he would pay for it all and I owed him nothing.

my sis loves the frog, hardly jumps LOVES to climb and watches my sis alot

very hardly and fun loving, after all it is the smiling frog =)

I still miss tremor, but I love my new frog Chester!
Chiri and Tama


I try to be nice

I try to help

I cannot help that I have slight autism

I have worked hard to get over it....

then someone has to say that I am lazy

that I make excuses

I admit I do sometimes but... it's rude and hurtful

what I really hate is when others have to suffer and it always seems I cause it

cries in corner
Choco in snow


Last week the AC went out, and now it is getting worse

new AC unti, $3200

valve to make it work again $3900

so sad

my grandparents want to pay for it all @~@ and won't accept any help. Says we couldn't pay it off, at most my family can make 2K extra a month for it.

and it won't be fixed till monday!
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Chiri and Tama

Hot =(

Last night my dad alerted me that the AC was broke. Last night's heat was not too bad,but this morning many lous bages and heat and humidity sticking to my back =(

My Dad told me the fixers will not be in until monday, and over the weekend the heat will rise.
All the banging was from my dad putting and an air unit in his room.

He said if it gets really bad we can go to our grandparents house, about 3 blocks away =) but that means no cumputer =(

and all during my Dad's birthday week, right before mine and a week after my sisters.

and he wants us to spend our birthday money on a fan @_@ wahhhhh!(i'd rather go to grandmas)
Chiri and Tama

slight happiness

my dad says if I can pay for his seat then he will take me to circe de soleil delirium in november, great thing he agreed as it is in middle of the work week >_< and right before thanksgiving. too bad it will be like $90 for each of us, me, my sis and my dad, but man it should be great!

blink blink...... still sleepy

just this morning I played my bro's new game, kingdom hearts 2. the reason he let me play it is cause I let him play the x-mas gift he gave me, dragon quest 8.

and I usually go to sleep between 3-4 am and get up at about 11am, but I just could not stop playing till about 6 am >_< I could hear my dad getti9ng up for work!

and funny about KH2, is my bro bought it for $7! he found it in clearence bin!
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